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Our Classes & Term Info

Our Kung Fu 4 Kids club currently offers 17 classes per week with separate classes suitable for new members. All new members who are of primary school age can join us.  We have 3 levels of tailored programs for the following groups.

Hatchlings  A pre-cursor to our Kung Fu 4 Kids program these classes are for school-going Junior and Senior infants and is a ‘Recreational Kung Fu’ program tailored to focus open developing Concentration, Coordination and Confidence through Kung Fu basics and games, this program will help them in school and all other activities as they grow.

Once child has reached 6 years old they can begin training in the full Kung Fu 4 Kids Program.

Little Cranes For 6 year olds to 8,  our ‘Little cranes’ program is dedicated to teaching quality martial arts and further developing building concentration, confidence and coordination through a fun and safe class format.  Our Little Cranes can learn to set goals towards earning merit badges and their 1st (White) and 2nd (Blue) sash.

Shouting Cranes Likewise our new kids between the ages of 8 and 10 enter our ‘Shouting cranes’ program. Our classes designed to challenge and stimulate our members and guide the children through a 10 belt program building their martial arts skills in a positive and healthy environment.

Experienced members have their own dedicated Flying and Fighting Cranes classes where they will delve deeper into the program with the aim of earning he ultimate Black Sash!

A typical class
– a physical exercise segment:-   a structured warm up and a mix of cardio and strength exercises
– a martial arts lesson: – covering the fundamentals of the style with they ami of achieving goals such as completing a grade
– one of our infamous martial arts games:- each of our games, (apart form been allot of fun) aims to develop certain attributes required of a martial artist eg. reactions, speed, focus, physical conditioning, agility ……

Classes after school & Weekends

The Motto for our club is “Play is the Way!” and has been since we opened our doors in 1984. This approach to Martial Arts training not only offers all the benefits of training in a quality Martial Arts club but guarantees that each training session is packed full of fun…….