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What we do

Kung Fu 4 Kids

“Hello, my name is ‘Wu’ and I am the Kung Fu 4 Kids mascot. I was choosen for this honourable role because I am a Whitecrane.  Whitecrane Kung Fu is one of the two styles of Kung Fu practiced at this club!”

Our Kung Fu 4 Kids club currently offers 5 categories of classes, with 20 classes per week! 3 of these categories and 11 of these classes are suitable for new members.

We run our classes over 2 terms, the 1st term runs for 15 weeks from September to December with the 2nd running for 20 weeks from January to June each year!

We also run Kung Fu 4 Kids camps during the Easter and Halloween breaks and also 3 summer camps each year!

We accept new members to our program depending on availability and invite you to bring your children along to watch a class suitable for their age group before booking a place!

The Motto for our club is “Play is the Way!” and has been since we opened our doors in 1984.  This approach to Martial Arts training not only offers all the benefits of training in a quality Martial Arts club but guarantees that each training session is packed full of fun!

Kung Fu

Our Kung Fu program consists of 2 traditional styles of Kung Fu!  Shaolin Longfist Kung Fu specialises in long range skills such as long stances and footwork and dynamic kicking.  Whitecrane Kung Fu specialises in close range skills such as defensive blocking, fast hand strikes and using locking techniques to defend against grappling.  Both of our styles complement one another and are taught as part of one junior syllabus where our Kung Fu 4 Kids will earn 10 sashes from White to Black if they work through the whole program.

Junior Games

As well as our traditional Kung Fu training program, we incorporate elements of Sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing) into our classes and Tui Shou (Chinese Wrestling), allowing for a more complete taste or Chinese Martial Arts.  Sanshou and Tui Shou puts into practice our defensive work, punching, kicking and wrestling and is the other side of the coin that allot of Kung Fu schools and practitioners omit from their training.  If one side of your ‘martial arts coin’ is blank then the value of the style is dramatically reduced.

Martial Arts games

As our primary goal is for all of our members to have fun while learning with us, we have incorporated many martial arts games which develop general fitness levels, reactions, coordination, focus and team work.  Games such as ‘Murder Ball’, ‘Samurai’, ‘Protection’, ‘Bodyguard’ are only some of the games so popular with our members.

Self defense & Self awareness

Each term we run a dedicated week on the topic ‘Stranger danger’ and raising awareness of the dangers in today’s society.  We also incorporate anti-bullying lessons and self defense techniques into our regular classes.