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Grading Process

Grading Process

Kung Fu  = Hard Work to gain skills over a long period of Time, like learning Piano patience, dedication and love of the art is essential.

Although grading is not the primary purpose of Kung Fu Training we do have a path for all our members to follow!  The  sashes are to reward effort and skill development and we continuously assess progress at class.

Typically we run tests mid March,  Easter Camp, Early June,  Summer camps, Mid October, Halloween Camp and early December.

Every member works at their own pace but the earlier they build good habits in regards to home practice the earlier they will learn the value of hard work and the more prepared they will be.  The practice sheets available for download should be taken care of and brought to class to ask coaches questions and to discuss their progress! 

If grading becomes the main focus of membership it may lead to stress as they progress. Our program is based upon developing real long term skills and we do not award sashes easily.   Please manage expectations and speak to our coaches if you have any concerns in this regard.  The priority is for every member to have fun and moving through the grades too quickly will lead to them hitting a road- block at some point, they all need time up-skill or to allow them to physically grow.

Emotional growth is also important and as such a child must be at least 6 years old to test for their 1st sash.

The path to each sash is broken down into sections with areas such as stances, movement and taolu (forms),  Punching and Kicking, CMAAP (Chinese Martial Arts Applied Program), fitness and knowledge.

Our merit badge system allows each of our members to target short term goals and 3 merits must be earned and displayed upon their uniform to qualify for testing. 

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