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About our classes

Experience that matters

Kung Fu 4 Kids ) has been at the forefront of Martial Arts instruction for children and adults in Dublin since 1984. We enjoy an excellent reputation of which we are justly proud.
Our Instructors are specially trained in instructing Kung Fu to children to ensure that all classes are safe and enjoyable. All our Instructors possess First Aid certification, Garda Vetted, have completed the Sports Ireland Safe Guarding of Children and the club is fully insured. We regularly update our knowledge not only through our ongoing Martial Arts training but through attending educational sports and welfare seminars. We also enjoy a good relationship with a number of schools in the area.
Kung Fu 4 Kids is taught for self-defence and self awareness, and also to improve health, strength, flexibility and self control. We focus on safety, encouraging kids to do their best, and to believe in themselves and most importantly for children -the three ‘Big C’s: Concentration – Coordination – Confidence.

Beginner - Little & Shouting Cranes

Hands-On Learning

Little Cranes: For 5 year olds to 7,  our ‘Little cranes’ program is dedicated to teaching quality martial arts and further developing building concentration, confidence and coordination through a fun and safe class format.  Our Little Cranes can learn to set goals towards earning merit badges and their 1st (White) and 2nd (Blue) sash.

Shouting Cranes: Likewise our new kids between the ages of 7 and 11 enter our ‘Shouting cranes’ program. Our classes designed to challenge and stimulate our members and guide the children through a 10 belt program building their martial arts skills in a positive and healthy environment.


Advanced Members

Black Belt Path

Experienced members have their own dedicated Flying and Fighting Cranes classes where they will delve deeper into the program with the aim of earning the ultimate Black Sash! 

These classes are not open to new members and our long term members work on building their skills, strengthening their friendships and developing qualities such as endurance, loyalty and leadership which will stand to them for their whole life. 


We will transform an ordinary school holiday into an experience to remember.

Our camp is suitable for all of our members from 6 years of age and up.  We also invite the friends of our Kung Fu Kids to join us once they have turned 8 years old!

Our 'Play is the Way' approach is the real focus during each of our camps with lots of fun and games mixed in with our martial arts lessons.

The camp will be run and overseen by a number of experienced instructors and teaching assistants to give your child the best environment possible for fun and friendship!

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